The Real Changes Are Permitted to Disclose

“These things do not happen again! Not happen again!” Villarreal Real Madrid just before the stroke of half time, the general manager of Real Madrid in Replica Soccer Jersey in the main loud Valdano The previous sentence is true is the breath of this sentence. “You can not again,” What is it? “Mark” editor Yingde response: the players of Real Madrid’s academy joined the opposition, then Real Madrid in the race to shame this game, the Real Madrid to play. The excellent C wins, but a man has caused the attention of Florentino, Villarreal midfielder is Luo. Borja in National Team Soccer Jerseys was born in Madrid, just celebrated her 26th birthday.

Real Madrid Borja game may even say exceptional performance to give football fans a lesson in class, was ordered to transfer the ball quickly to hit the ball, but also full of creativity, feel very real Real Madrid is not very happy: a player so good, why Real Madrid does not give a place to stay Indah Borja said Florentino excellent performance for a call of feeling, in short, causing the vibration is very large, Florentino also a policy before of thinking. “Borja Are they really the players on the team now that we are poor” do not wait to meet other senior Valdano, president of Real Madrid has given the answer: “It’s much better than our players are poor, we can say the best “Groove. Pérez observation means that the policy of transfer from Real Madrid for a major turning point.

“Mark” editor, “said Florentino has given high-level instruction is clear: do not let go easily to any field of treasure for the training of young people. Mata to leave Real Madrid to Valencia is now worth 3,000 million EUR Borja will be worth no less than 2,500 million euros, Diego Lopez has become the subject of competition from major European giants Real Madrid are also cleaning Negredo, before the largest number of Goals from striker local league season. While the appearance due to injury this season, not much, only 6 goals 4 assists, but the general state of depression due to Sevilla. Getafe last season, the celebrity Soldier in Valencia this season remains strong, currently has 10 goals and concentrates on the League in Liverpool Jerseys Soccer and the Battle of the Champions League.

Bilva Sea treasure abandoned if Real Madrid, but in other clubs, but it was and try to players, and last week , saved Real Madrid’s youth system, but also Barn. Florentine policy of the club’s youth has a lot of reflection, said: “The quarry is no academy Lamaxiya Real Madrid’s youth the best, but we dare to use the youth ballplayers.”The reason that Real Madrid are reluctant to introduce the emergency center, No. 9 in the hope that the coaching staff can reuse MB Lata. It is reported that Mo Lata, Sarah Viau, Hu A Fulan, Juan Carlos and two other players are also looking forward to Real Madrid at the top, “These little ones have the chance to play on a computer, and Joseph Neo in Torres Jersey 9 4 year contract if you have enough patience, can do many players as a training center to succeed.”

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