Stars: World Cup 2010 Warm-up


FIFA World Cup 2010, among the greatest soccer tournaments on planet, has excitingly been taking place in South Africa. In the way from the Opening to the Final of World Cup 2010, a number of soccer fans are getting crazier and crazier for the success of such an interesting international football event. Among soccer fans all over the world, Hollywood stars are also the great supporters, gone with the wind of FIFA 2010. Are you a crazy FIFA fan? Whether or not you and Hollywood stars share the same love for a National Football Team? Let’s see the following impressive images of stars in FIFA World Cup 2010 warm-up.


Katy Perry, the famous American singer, the hottest woman 2010, is the big fan for her American National Football Team. In the excitement of World Cup 2010, Katy Perry wore a dress painted with England and American national flags


Alessandra Ambrosio, the Brazilian supermodel, the Victoria’s Secret Angel is so proud of her home team- the Brazil National Football Team that she has carried with the national flat on street


Katie Lee Joel, the American top chef in an American team’s uniform walked on street in New York


Mario Lopez is a handsome Mexician actor, of course, supports for the Mexican National Football Team


Princes of Wales: William and Harry has been to South Africa to see the matches of England National Football Team


Snooki, the brilliant star of the live television show Jersey Shore shows off her deep love with handsome and talent Italian football stars


David Beckham is injured, that’s the reason why he can not attend World Cup this year. However, he was on the soccer field as an assistant for the England National Football team’s coach- Fabio Capello


Supermodel Heidi Klum posed with vuvuzela- the horn typical for South Africa making FIFA World Cup 2010 more exciting


Famous actor Matthew Mc Conaughey and his son- Levi are the fans of Brazil team. Brazil National Football Team is the home team of supermodel Camila Alves- Matthew Mc Conaughey’s wife



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