Milan Fear that Mr. Wan Return 750


AC Milan, Coppa Italia on Barry, the original is organizing Tiago Allegri – Silva Yepes with the Cheap Soccer Jersey and partner in the back, but before the game, Tiago – Silva not only because of diarrhea, acute enteritis, Geli Lai finally start Alessandro Nesta and Yepes. Allegri place in the starting lineup includes Ibrahimovic, Robinho, Ambrosini, Gennaro Gattuso, so the director can see, I really wanted to win this game, while the Greeks Pa Los not always trust.In this edition, Greek Allegri .Because of Lecce, in a press conference before the game, asked Pappas Tasso Papadopoulos, Allegri with the World Cup Soccer Jerseys said: “He played three games before the performance is very good, but he is young, recently, progress is also a good time his fate will be available soon, the Italian Cup is an opportunity. “Coppa Italia may Yepes Allegri, but normal Yepes, whenever given the chance, he has a very good game, too, which is Yepes played this season, more than 45 minutes 5 games, AC Milan reached four wins, it is losing the Champions League against Ajax in a trend that is in any way.

Bonera Yepes, especially in a tightly seal with the ability and sense of himself that the arbitrarily Nesta later fill seats, the commander of the guard, but not good defense in the fight always a little lower socio Bonera, 35 , Nesta should always go with the center of another valid way to fight the first point, but right now, Yepes do better, but the 18 minutes that the looting was Zedi Poole at the crotch, but also delayed the running speed Zedi Poole, extend the distance between him and the ball, running the first step Nesta on the side of the ball. Since then, no more lost Yepes end of the last 22 minutes were the other three to three, was stolen Yepes resolved in a timely and accurate, 3 minutes, Poole bullets Zedi thought, but also Yepes take the initiative to contra side of the 79, minutes, Donati at the top of the arc to put on hitting the door closed, and Yepes had seen his intentions once again take the initiative succeeded in looting, 81 minutes, bound by Yepes Castillo options return, but Yepes predicted a long time, but always after the way back, the ball of the foot of Donati below. Yepes is on the field, the Milan with the AC Milan Soccer Club Jersey is always more likely to fly back to many, however, most fear Bonera is one of two dozen state fingers II.

Last summer, the “zero” is now free to join Yepes Bonera location of a threat? Perhaps Moggi repeatedly urged the use of AC Milan earlier Yepes, and said, “to some extent the season, I think it will play an important role if I am, I do not reuse their Bonera,” Ah Lai Geli admitted after the game today: “Adobe has done, if not right now, Yepes also Yepes has never been disappointing Yepes. Fully demonstrated before and after the game, Yepes with the AC Milan Jersey, then came back, but the sky was tolerated Bonera.

AC Milan, Coppa Italia on Barry, the original is organizing Tiago Allegri – Silva Yepes with the Cheap Soccer Jersey and partner in the back, but before the game, Tiago – Silva not only because of diarrhea, acute enteritis, Geli Lai finally start Alessandro Nesta and Yepes.


Inter Milan Buys Roma player in summer

Inter with the Cheap Soccer Jersey signatures during the winter? No, at least, the Inter coach Leonardo da Vinci can see there are new moves. “This team was very balanced, very small and powerful, young people also showed good potential. However, does not mean that our recruits are going to evaluate new opportunities for the transfer market.” Yesterday the blue-black coach, said at a news conference. “News of the Inter-American analysis that the door opened dedications Nerazzurri, but no less urgent, also avoid being ripped off in the winter market potential. Kudiniao, Cesar and Sneijder will be back soon, but she is gradually Nokia attracted to the computer, the computer does not need special patch Leonardo. Branca is still work in the transfer market, but the action is during the summer. Sánchez Vucinic with the National Soccer Jersey and Inter manager remains the subject of efforts, but two early winter is very probable. Udinese Xibo Zuo major 30 million euro offer the player, while the Gazzetta dello Sport has revealed Chelsea’s offer was raised to 26 million euros, below the level of Nerazzurri – Moratti does not want players yet to demonstrate rich it’s so expensive. Roma Vucinic that the replacement options are blacks no bones of chicken wings.

Montenegro striker in Serie A for many years, long ago demonstrated his ability, but flying under the command of Claudio Ranieri is not happy, he left the group even made a request to the club. Gazzetta dello Sport, “said Rome’s attitude is clear: the summer to go, but the league must now help the team play well. Roma Inter Milan striker has been the main target for the summer, including Juventus rivals, “Evening Post”, the message said older women interested in Amauri with the Inter Milan Jerseys Soccer in June with the exchange Vucinic.

Although the substitution of Mota came into the match against Cesena big list, but “International Network News,” said Muntari is still possible to leave the team a good winter. “Muntari is still with us, you can not examine the question of a replacement player.” Interest is still on the attitude of Ghanaians Leonardo. Sunderland teammate Gian Ghana has appealed to Muntari, the Tottenham Hotspur of England, said the media have presented to the Inter offers 12 million euros. “Journal of Aspen,” the source said, also plans to introduce the League, the Ghana midfielder arrived in Malaga. If you have a good deal, not a problem to leave Ghana, the position on the Inter bench lumbar Mariga with the Inter Milan Jersey, Obi and ex billion basins can be overcome.

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