David Beckham the Support of England

David Beckham Los Angeles Galaxy is still waiting to enable it to lease the decision to return to European competition, after all, the new MLS season until March, will go to war. Spurs with the are keen to enter the former England captain. If the lease to go, David Beckham wants to return to the Premier League matches to help restore their status and physical strength, to extend his international career. However, the former England coach Kevin Keegan has been 35 years that Beckham will be difficult to play at the level of England’s top division. “Playing for England again, playing in the Premier League back to its original level, I think it should be a big problem,” he said. Keegan does not believe Beckham to restore the state, but the FA has denied that just want to replace Beckham as Capello, but it can not interfere with Beckham for the team to contribute. “He will coach the team? Of course he can,” Keegan said, “He’s an intelligent man, is a world class player with the National Team Soccer Jerseys that knows how to communicate with people, and has a very rich experience.” Base Gang said: “Beckham to succeed, if he wants to be a coach.”

McManaman and David Beckham have trained together in the work of Keegan’s England support, but also the time at Real Madrid David Beckham’s teammate, who believes David Beckham can still be options midfield Capello. “If he returned to England will be very good performance in the field, I think that will only benefit the team,” McManaman with the England World Cup Jersey said: “Let’s wait and see if it will glitter in the Premier League.” McManaman made doubts about Beckham on loan to the possibility of Tottenham, “Redknapp said yesterday I agree, this is only a loan. I think the team can not have a chance this season Beckham. They only have eight weeks from the time of grant that is the problem. “” I know some clubs do, but I think the big clubs would not be considered. I think Beckham in England Soccer Jersey hopes to resume a healthy level, of course, last year, is very serious injuries; you need to recover both as possible. “If he can do this, any person will respect to your newspaper!”

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