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But I must also stress that if you have smart, sane, and consensual sex, and only push your limits within reason without exceeding your abilities, you can enjoy bottoming for years without problems. The same tissue that feels such intense pain can also feel sublime sexual pleasure once the pain goes away. I love my butt, I love men, and I love men being in my butt. Again, fiber will aid the healing process of both these common ailments that befall bottoms. Then start with anal toys, gradually working up to larger and larger sizes. With every inward stroke the passage must be opened up again. I have a latex allergy.

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Experiment with lubes until you find your favorite. When I go hard, I use silicone lube. Silicone lube can also be used in the shower, since it will not wash off with water, meaning you can use it for douching and for shower sex. Most bottom boys find this out the hard way. Consume high amounts of fiber. Start with a carrot more slender than a penis, and gradually work your way to ones of proper thickness.

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If there is still too much friction, withdraw the carrot, coat it again with Vaseline, or with cold cream, and slide it back in. Again, fiber will aid the healing process of both these common ailments that befall bottoms. I have a latex allergy. Make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated — something every healthy person should do anyway. The irony is that I didn't know any of this when I was a sexually repressed teenager. It can make you feel cramped and give you a stomachache, especially if you eat food after taking it. Anti-diarrhea treatments will keep you clean — most of the time.

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