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Avoid unprotected anal intercourse or other direct, unprotected anal contact. Sooner or later you will meet someone who feels some of the same things you do and has had similar experiences. Check out the resources listed in the resource pamphlet in this series. My sexuality has not been shaped in this way by anyone else. Others make the point that there is no cause. Some gay youth are able to come out to their families.

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Why are some people same-sex attracted?


Website design by Creative Stream. Many people are uncomfortable being around lesbians and gay men, and some people hate lesbians and gay men. If you could but see how God in his secret counsel has exactly laid the whole plan of your salvation, even to the smallest means and circumstances; could you but discern the admirable harmony of divine dispensations, their mutual relations, together with the general respect they all have to the last end; had you the liberty to make your own choice, you would, of all the conditions in the world, choose that in which you now are. My lack of hand-to-eye co-ordination is another potential guilty party. Be aware that condoms sometimes slip off. Finally, you may want to order books and other materials through the mail. I carried out no rewiring myself.

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You and your feelings are valuable, and you have alternatives to denial. They may notice that all of the guys they know seem to be attracted to girls. My View We could go on and talk about body image issues or numbers of same sex siblings, or whatever theory is the new kid on the block for either the pro-gay or anti-gay movements. I feel that being open and honest with myself and with others helps me learn even more about myself. The 'All things' I'm promised he'll use for my good must include my same-sex attraction. All of us have genetic dispositions that lead to behaviour the Bible condemns.

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