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Lillie - WorldLillie September 26, I went whit my boyfriend to Prague Czech Republic last year… The people there seems to be very open to gay lifestyle.. I have met many and worked with a couple in a theatre troupe I joined while working in Kedah. Sign up for our newsletter! In the beginning of , Anwar was arrested again and is currently serving a five-year prison sentence. Talon Windwalker December 21, It is very tough.

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LGBT rights in Malaysia


And many still do. You can find these men cruising in the dark rooms of bathhouses on weekends, or the dark corners of cruising spots in KL. But I got through with that period of denying my true self by slowly easing my way to the gay life, through my best friends. Mrzzz December 7, It created an uproar among people as the deputy minister, who also launched the event, agreed to the topics at the talk, one of which was that gay men could be identified by a penchant for wearing V-neck T-shirts, carrying large handbags, wearing light-coloured outfits, and sleeveless shirts.

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Your article is so true about Gay life in Malaysia. It is a personal preference I had prayed to be not who I am when I was younger, but that never helped. Having lived in Cairo for 5 months I frequented some of the bars where Gay men hang out and even some of the cruising parks. Hati Hans Isaac dicuri lagi. Mrzzz December 6, Talon Windwalker March 23,

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