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Being a member of a religious congregation has long been a way to find social and spiritual support and solace during the trials of life. Then too, the Metropolitan Community Churches MCC were specifically formed to be a primary affirming ministry to gays and lesbians, and MCC is very welcoming to trans people. After all, constantly interacting with people who know about your past reminds the transitioner herself of her past. This has led many to wonder "what happens to all these women? For more insight into the special difficulties of being in stealth long-term, read the stories of Kimberli and Leslie Townsend. Of course it no longer makes sense for them to attack their old-time enemies such as infidels, heretics, witches and anarchists. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult for some people to leave orthodox religions such as Catholicism.

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92 Gorgeous Photos That Show What It Really Means To Be Trans

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Much of this section is based on the real-life experiences of long-term postop women whom Lynn knows well. Here in Part III we'll do a lot of that - using the stories of successful postop women to visualize various issues and learn how these women handled them. However, in a mid-October policy change that took place without announcement or explanation, the Social Security Administration instituted a tougher requirement for changing one's gender marker in the SSA records. Those women may not realize that once they become 65 and need to go on Social Security and Medicare, that unless their gender transition is properly documented, a "MALE" in big bold capital letters will be printed right on the front of their new Medicare card. Not all postop women can find the means or the courage to undergo them. Many postop women were affiliated with an organized religion before they transitioned, and many of these women have naturally strong spiritual feelings. Being stealthy opens up the possibility of fully assimiliating socially and emotionally as a woman, of living without looking back all the time.

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All transsexual women should become informed about medical privacy issues. It is also getting harder for them to attack more recent enemies such as "atheists and homosexuals", because these groups have now gained better legal protections. Because of the powerful social, emotional and practical impacts of one's passability, passing has taken on an important sociopolitical dimension in interactions among TS and TG women. Many states will issue new, corrected birth certificates to a postop TS women, although some states will only issue an "amended" birth certificate revealing the woman's birth sex. Therefore, it's important to control any explicit mentioning of transsexualism in your medical records.

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