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Ford believed abortions should be allowed in certain circumstances and opposed a human life amendment to the Constitution. New Questions About Backlash". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 22 June Hodges that ended bans on same-sex marriage nationwide, the Republican Party is divided as to whether to accept the ruling or to fight it by measures such as a possible amendment to the Constitution.

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This comes during the same year that the Hyde Amendment Was passed. Retrieved 3 July Retrieved January 29, Most Republicans are opposed to increases in the minimum wage , believing that such increases hurt many businesses by forcing them to cut jobs and services, export jobs overseas, and raise the prices of goods to compensate for the decrease in profit. According to some pro-choice Republican groups, the Republican belief in limited government and individualism should extend to social issues, such as abortion rights. For example, the paleoconservative and social conservative factions would be far more inclined to favor federal drug regulations trumping states rights, while the libertarian faction would be more inclined to see such power devolved to the states or even further.

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Most Republicans oppose the Kyoto Protocol. Rumsfeld , which held that the Geneva Conventions were legally binding and must be followed in regards to all enemy combatants. Green conservatism manifested itself as a movement in groups such as ConservAmerica , which seeks to strengthen the Republican Party's stance on environmental issues and support efforts to conserve natural resources and protect human and environmental health. Environmental policy of the United States. Science and Policy for Sustainable Development. Republicans generally support gun ownership rights and oppose laws regulating guns. Historically, this translated into keeping power in the hands of powerful state governments, as in the cases of civil rights, abortion laws, regulations on marriage, and mapping of voting districts.

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