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Disneyland on the Rideau —National Defence Headquarters. Also see missile magnet armourers —Weapons Techs, aka gun plumbers around when Centurion was a rank, not a tank —old NCO also referred to as having been Jesus Christs fire team partner or been in since Christ was a Corporal. See bomb up bomb up —to load a tank or other fighting vehicle with ammunition and fuel and other stores. Or receiving discipline from two people at the same time. LBRT - Little black rubber thingy.

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Residential Sergeant-Major —One's spouse, a play on Regimental Sergeant-Major, and used in speech with the same abbreviation: Referring to removal of a broken light bulb by using a potato. Bloggins -name used in place of actual people to describe a situation i. Not legally used after harassment policy. It is normally worn by senior non-commissioned members, such as Sergeants, Warrant Officers, hence its name.

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Less frequently heard in the Canadian Army. Denoted this because in the regular force, most senior NCOs are relaxed, and don't need soldiers to do meaningless tasks. Usually happens in summer and at Xmas, but is forbidden to units or commands who work on a basis i. Can mean to put a round into the chamber of a gun. Terp -Civilian interpreters in use by the Canadian Forces, especially in Afghanistan. Also a 'Trooper' in the Armoured Corps.

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