Blatter: Wenger Criticized Ridiculous

Determined from the Qatar World Cup held since 2022, the winter host the World Cup has become a hot topic. Because the hot summer of Qatar, the maximum daytime temperature can even reach 50; this will affect the players play the competition. By contrast, the winter of Qatar with the Replica Soccer Jersey has lots of amenities, with an average temperature of about 20 or so. Therefore, there are rumors that the report prepared for the proposed Qatar World Cup to be held postponed until winter. The press conference in the attitude of the Asia Cup to Blatter, but also confirms this possibility. He said: “I am looking forward to the World Cup was held in the winter still have plenty of time to address this problem, from now to the years 2022 and 11, which will decide the best time to race in January or at the end of the year.. “However, if the World Cup held true in the winter, which will undoubtedly affect the process of European football leagues with the World Cup Soccer Jerseys players then, many will be exhausted to the league and World Cup. But Blatter seems to have made the decision to insist that he was very confident to say: “11 years long enough to find a solution to the problem, although the supply of Qatar is in June or July on the premise of the summer, but FIFA the Commission has the right to modify these conditions.”

Opposition: Wenger winter shell Blatter started the World Cup is ridiculous

Blatter proposed to do in the winter after the World Cup, Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger in England National Soccer Team Jersey immediately through the “Sun” Blatter bombing. He said the idea came from nothing is completely Blatter, and have no practical significance. “We have a very busy Christmas, in fact, even the World Cup was held in the winter, but also the needs for stakeholders in around the world have a very strict organization and layout. Do not think this type of things can happen. “Wenger believes that the current Premier League League career closely, in order to insert in the middle of a World Cup is amazing.

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