Liverpool Downgrade Fear the Worst for 57 Years

by ViNull

Liverpool get the championship last season, seven had, as has been the world looking at the floor. But “The worst is not only worse,” the performance of the Red Army with the Replica Soccer Jersey this year, but a full description of the truth. Liverpool has played 21 league games up to 7 wins at 4 lost 10 games. The last time the Red Army has lost so many games in the same period or 57 years ago when she suffered fatal downhill end of the season. The 1953-1954 season when the league to 22 teams in the league, Liverpool 42 league with 28 points only to promotional products (2-point scales), came at the end of the gradient brutal. The Red Army, the season, won only 9 games, but lost no fewer than 23 games. Liverpool this season that the absolute worst team can be described, has lost 42 games, 97 goals, scored only 23 goals, not to devalue the skies are tolerated. Now Liverpool with the National Team Soccer Jerseys and go on the edge of the cliff, they will repeat it? Liverpool’s opponents this weekend will be the derby rivals Everton in the Merseyside, who decide the two teams this season, for a slowdown, just 25 points in 13 bound in the league. For the Liverpool game the worst factor is certainly not the soul of the team has played injured Carragher, Gerrard is a red card suspension. Fortunately, confidence striker Fernando Torres team even if the Red Army defeated the last round of the league, but the golden boy has broken gap, the play would be his 100th Premier League appearance after 99 games he scored 63 goals, the efficiency is very impressive.

The first time that the shock in two games this season is that Liverpool beat Everton 2-0. However, the game opened the scoring Cahill, now with the campaign of the Asian Cup in Australia. And a target of the Red Army will continue to keep Arteta. The last time Liverpool Everton to play doubles in the league season in 1984-85, the main road, the season Everton 1-0 double play both the Red Army, and finally to 13 minutes to get the big benefits of the League Cup runners-Liverpool. The fact that two games, Kenny Dalglish with the Liverpool Jerseys Soccer Liverpool manager in question, and this was his final season, when the Red Army had not played this season. It should be noted that the overall balance of the season, while Everton’s poor, but their road is quite strong. 11 Everton this season lost only three road games in the league, losing in the fourth place among the best teams in the Premier League, only over Manchester United, Arsenal and Manchester City side. This pressure is coming to Liverpool certainly increased substantially. In addition, both teams with the Torres Jersey 9 have played against the last 12 league games, when the 10 red cards, cruelty is clearly Derby.

Liverpool get the championship last season, seven had, as has been the world looking at the floor. But “The worst is not only worse,” the performance of the Red Army with the Replica Soccer Jersey this year, but a full description of the truth. Liverpool has played 21 league games up to 7 wins at 4 lost 10 games.


Blatter: Wenger Criticized Ridiculous

Determined from the Qatar World Cup held since 2022, the winter host the World Cup has become a hot topic. Because the hot summer of Qatar, the maximum daytime temperature can even reach 50; this will affect the players play the competition. By contrast, the winter of Qatar with the Replica Soccer Jersey has lots of amenities, with an average temperature of about 20 or so. Therefore, there are rumors that the report prepared for the proposed Qatar World Cup to be held postponed until winter. The press conference in the attitude of the Asia Cup to Blatter, but also confirms this possibility. He said: “I am looking forward to the World Cup was held in the winter still have plenty of time to address this problem, from now to the years 2022 and 11, which will decide the best time to race in January or at the end of the year.. “However, if the World Cup held true in the winter, which will undoubtedly affect the process of European football leagues with the World Cup Soccer Jerseys players then, many will be exhausted to the league and World Cup. But Blatter seems to have made the decision to insist that he was very confident to say: “11 years long enough to find a solution to the problem, although the supply of Qatar is in June or July on the premise of the summer, but FIFA the Commission has the right to modify these conditions.”

Opposition: Wenger winter shell Blatter started the World Cup is ridiculous

Blatter proposed to do in the winter after the World Cup, Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger in England National Soccer Team Jersey immediately through the “Sun” Blatter bombing. He said the idea came from nothing is completely Blatter, and have no practical significance. “We have a very busy Christmas, in fact, even the World Cup was held in the winter, but also the needs for stakeholders in around the world have a very strict organization and layout. Do not think this type of things can happen. “Wenger believes that the current Premier League League career closely, in order to insert in the middle of a World Cup is amazing.

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David Beckham the Support of England

David Beckham Los Angeles Galaxy is still waiting to enable it to lease the decision to return to European competition, after all, the new MLS season until March, will go to war. Spurs with the are keen to enter the former England captain. If the lease to go, David Beckham wants to return to the Premier League matches to help restore their status and physical strength, to extend his international career. However, the former England coach Kevin Keegan has been 35 years that Beckham will be difficult to play at the level of England’s top division. “Playing for England again, playing in the Premier League back to its original level, I think it should be a big problem,” he said. Keegan does not believe Beckham to restore the state, but the FA has denied that just want to replace Beckham as Capello, but it can not interfere with Beckham for the team to contribute. “He will coach the team? Of course he can,” Keegan said, “He’s an intelligent man, is a world class player with the National Team Soccer Jerseys that knows how to communicate with people, and has a very rich experience.” Base Gang said: “Beckham to succeed, if he wants to be a coach.”

McManaman and David Beckham have trained together in the work of Keegan’s England support, but also the time at Real Madrid David Beckham’s teammate, who believes David Beckham can still be options midfield Capello. “If he returned to England will be very good performance in the field, I think that will only benefit the team,” McManaman with the England World Cup Jersey said: “Let’s wait and see if it will glitter in the Premier League.” McManaman made doubts about Beckham on loan to the possibility of Tottenham, “Redknapp said yesterday I agree, this is only a loan. I think the team can not have a chance this season Beckham. They only have eight weeks from the time of grant that is the problem. “” I know some clubs do, but I think the big clubs would not be considered. I think Beckham in England Soccer Jersey hopes to resume a healthy level, of course, last year, is very serious injuries; you need to recover both as possible. “If he can do this, any person will respect to your newspaper!”

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Messi: I Did Not Steal the Golden Globes.

Beijing, January 19, the Spanish press, “the sports daily” The News, Lionel Messi of Argentina said he did not “steal” Who’s the Golden Globes, the Barcelona room, the clothes Wholesale Soccer Jersey Supplier are very close, Harvey ( microblogging) and Andres Iniesta (microblogging) is the world’s best players. The selection of the first ball of the Gold Cup in the last 10 days, but the difference so far has not disappeared, Macy whether “stolen” by a teammate Xavi and Andres Iniesta honor became a hot topic public. In an interview this time, “France Football”, interview, Massey admitted that he did not expect to Aspen, but they are also eligible. “Although at the time was very surprised, but I think they are also eligible for this award, the Golden Globes is my flight is to look at their efforts to pave the way for the year.” It is true that Messi is the world Cup team mate produced an excellent report card, but scored in the 09-10 season, 34 goals in 10 goals in the Champions League and three goals in each weekend cup for the fans to provide a wonderful performance, this is not overlooked.

In the Golden Globe Awards, Messi with the National Team Soccer Jerseys does not include the time to gain the most support to Xavi and Iniesta, allowing today are very sorry. “At that moment, I felt a little panicked, his legs were shaking,” Massey explains. “Xavi and Iniesta are best friends, not envy, Barcelona dressing room of America” Meanwhile, Messi also believes that Harvey is the position that the best players in the world, and Iniesta is in place and no one can.

The current classification League striker, Lionel Messi and C was heated in the fight in Romania, like Barcelona and Real Madrid in the standings, the level of competition beyond. C What about them, and often better questions from the media, this time is no accident. Massey said a large degree C who is the best striker in the world, “Cristiano is a great player with a talent beyond the average person.” See Messi in Barcelona against anti-media, King of the major flaws of the Argentina team is no good result, and Harvey won the World Cup in Spain in contrast. In 2011, there is a contest of Messi, the America’s Cup is the best opportunity to prove him, Leon said in an interview this year with two main objectives, and firstly to help Barcelona with the Barcelona Jersey Soccer win the league, the most desire of Argentina was led by the Gold Cup Copa America Inter.

Belgium “Sports Magazine” recently at an annual salary of a player’s statistics, C Low 12 million in the world, has won the Golden Globe € 11,000,000 Messi came in No. 3, the second is 11.5 Wayne Rooney million. For the money, Messi see very few words: “I know I’ve done a lot, but still not talking about money being returned to his father and lawyers to take care of it for me the greatest pleasure is the foot to kick the ball.”Massey do not drink, I do not like the food, pizza, pasta and even potatoes can give you great satisfaction, not as a football player is the most famous of the world but a big boy next door, and perhaps is that can capture so many fans with the Barcelona Jersey around the world the reasons of the heart as children never grow in Argentina by the sigh. “The Life is a dream ah!”

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Van Gaal Fury Team Draw

Therefore, you must wait until the flowers fade, when Arjen Robben with the finally appeared in the dock against Wolfsburg Bayern, when fans finally see Bayern “Li Luobei” combination of hope returned. And I firmly believe “Li Luobei” Bayern can mix a good start in 2011. But the program to adapt to changes, the game only for the first 18 minutes “, Luo Beili” group of audience in the hope of the contract market, Josué Wolfsburg midfielder Franck Ribery on the ground, the French fell in pain holding of his left foot on the ground, was finally out afternoon.


Franck Ribery directly stretcher injuries to know that the French are not easy “, Journal of Munich” and “objective,” Ribery said knee problems, is that the difference is only bruises, while others thought that was a hit , while the “Bild” suspected torn ligaments foot Franck Ribery. See media in German is that Franck is not available at about the time of the month Ribery, and if the situation is not optimistic in the case, then France will be fully reimbursed for the season. Seems that fans of Bayern Munich wants to see, “Luo Beili” combination may have to wait until the flowers bloom again thanks.


For Bayern Munich, Franck Ribéry with the injured, probably annoying all the plans, Franck Ribery Bayern is Robben and the two most important points in the team, no way, two very different Bayern team. Half of the season at Bayern in at least 14 points behind Borussia Dortmund, which is also weary of war and all Robben, Franck Ribéry is a problem of injury. Next month will mark the beginning of a critical Champions League Bayern 08/01 final challenge, the opponent is in the season’s last Champions League final, Inter Milan beat Bayern, and the final because of Franck Ribery Lyon Competition has executed more malicious Lisandro discontinued, and the absence of Robben themselves Franck Ribery, Bayern lost 0-2, lost the Cup of large ears.


Frank Ribery with the England Soccer Jerseys injury eliminated the last moments of the match against Bayern drop points are furious coach Van Gaal, after all, in the head shortly after Bayern had numerous chances to seal victory, but an extravagance: Do “not I intend for the game I’m very disappointed because I had the first half should be 3-0, but lost everything So we made a simple error in the second half, the victory .. and we have adopted. Incredibly, this is already the fifth time this season, such a situation, the file. “
After the lottery market, Bayern Munich Borussia Dortmund and took a big difference to 16 points, while in the Bundesliga with just 16 laps remaining, but they have not given up hope of words, but admits Robben, Dortmund, Germany The winner was very close, “We have not talked much about the leader thing, because we are far from the summit, we must recognize that, Dortmund with the Terry Jersey 6 , because of their outstanding performance should win this .”

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Milan Fear that Mr. Wan Return 750

AC Milan, Coppa Italia on Barry, the original is organizing Tiago Allegri – Silva Yepes with the Cheap Soccer Jersey and partner in the back, but before the game, Tiago – Silva not only because of diarrhea, acute enteritis, Geli Lai finally start Alessandro Nesta and Yepes. Allegri place in the starting lineup includes Ibrahimovic, Robinho, Ambrosini, Gennaro Gattuso, so the director can see, I really wanted to win this game, while the Greeks Pa Los not always trust.In this edition, Greek Allegri .Because of Lecce, in a press conference before the game, asked Pappas Tasso Papadopoulos, Allegri with the World Cup Soccer Jerseys said: “He played three games before the performance is very good, but he is young, recently, progress is also a good time his fate will be available soon, the Italian Cup is an opportunity. “Coppa Italia may Yepes Allegri, but normal Yepes, whenever given the chance, he has a very good game, too, which is Yepes played this season, more than 45 minutes 5 games, AC Milan reached four wins, it is losing the Champions League against Ajax in a trend that is in any way.

Bonera Yepes, especially in a tightly seal with the ability and sense of himself that the arbitrarily Nesta later fill seats, the commander of the guard, but not good defense in the fight always a little lower socio Bonera, 35 , Nesta should always go with the center of another valid way to fight the first point, but right now, Yepes do better, but the 18 minutes that the looting was Zedi Poole at the crotch, but also delayed the running speed Zedi Poole, extend the distance between him and the ball, running the first step Nesta on the side of the ball. Since then, no more lost Yepes end of the last 22 minutes were the other three to three, was stolen Yepes resolved in a timely and accurate, 3 minutes, Poole bullets Zedi thought, but also Yepes take the initiative to contra side of the 79, minutes, Donati at the top of the arc to put on hitting the door closed, and Yepes had seen his intentions once again take the initiative succeeded in looting, 81 minutes, bound by Yepes Castillo options return, but Yepes predicted a long time, but always after the way back, the ball of the foot of Donati below. Yepes is on the field, the Milan with the AC Milan Soccer Club Jersey is always more likely to fly back to many, however, most fear Bonera is one of two dozen state fingers II.

Last summer, the “zero” is now free to join Yepes Bonera location of a threat? Perhaps Moggi repeatedly urged the use of AC Milan earlier Yepes, and said, “to some extent the season, I think it will play an important role if I am, I do not reuse their Bonera,” Ah Lai Geli admitted after the game today: “Adobe has done, if not right now, Yepes also Yepes has never been disappointing Yepes. Fully demonstrated before and after the game, Yepes with the AC Milan Jersey, then came back, but the sky was tolerated Bonera.

AC Milan, Coppa Italia on Barry, the original is organizing Tiago Allegri – Silva Yepes with the Cheap Soccer Jersey and partner in the back, but before the game, Tiago – Silva not only because of diarrhea, acute enteritis, Geli Lai finally start Alessandro Nesta and Yepes.

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